About Swim4Nick

The Swim4Nick Trust was created in honor of Nicholas Dworet.  It will be used to fund scholarships for swimmers who exhibit Nick’s inspiring dedication and aspirations. Ideal candidates will display strong character traits and values as demonstrated by our beloved Nick. May Nick’s memory be forever remembered and honored through our cause. We are an organization that values making the world a better place in memory of Nick. Please help support our mission with a contribution.

The Dworet Family thanks you in advance for taking the time to support Swim4Nick and if you have any questions, comments, please contact us.

Nick’s Story

Vince Lombardi says, “The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.”

Nicholas Dworet was a dedicated athlete that put forth his all by fully devoting himself to his sport of swimming. Nick planned his entire day, week, and month around his swim schedule. He made sure he accomplished his swimming goals before planning other recreational activities.

Nicholas Dworet was not always this way. The Nick that joined TS Aquatics the Fall of 2016 was a different individual. He came to TS Aquatics averaging 3 practices a week, consistently choosing water polo practice over swim practice, and traveled on weekends to visit his girlfriend Daria.

Coach Andre remembers Nick saying,  “Hey coach, you guys train very hard here and it looks very hard.”

As a response, Coach suggested that swim life would be easier the more days Nick dedicated to the sport. Over the next eighteen months “swim life” for Nick went from difficult to an awe inspiring bundle of achievements.

Coach Andre was very proud of Nick because he put his entire soul into the sport and gave it everything he had. His efforts showed in the pool and he inspired his teammates around him.

Nick was more than just an inspiring swimmer, he was also a kind mentor to his teammates. He was given the nickname of “Daddy” by his teammates. Outside of the pool he brought his GPA from 2.1 to 3.1 earning him an academic scholarship to Uindy.  Nick started reading books, he discussed different topics with his teammates and coaches. He took his own journey of change to help other teammates to realize its never too late to change.

Athletes that achieve success knowing they worked hard to attain it can truly say they accomplished something that makes them a better person. This describes the athlete/young man Nick Dworet!!  We all at TS Aquatics helped and watched Nick go through these changes we feel that more had to be done for this AMAZING young man.

The Swim4Nick Trust was the brain child of everyone here that touched or were touched by Nick Dworet. We were honored to have known him and to help mold him to the young man he became.